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At AlBayyan School  innovation meets education. With dedicated teachers, personalized learning, and a vibrant community, we inspire curiosity and foster a love for learning, shaping well-rounded individuals for success.


Welcome to AlBayyan School

“Welcome to AlBayyan Schools Ilogbo, where the journey of knowledge begins. As the School Director,  it’s my pleasure to invite you to a place where education transcends boundaries. 

 I extend a warm greeting to students, teaching and non teaching staffs, parents, and educators.  Our commitment is to cultivate an inspiring environment where curiosity thrives, and learning becomes a lifelong adventure. 

Together, let’s embark on a journey of academic excellence, personal growth, and shared success. Welcome to a place where dreams take flight, and education transforms lives.

I hope you enjoy your journey through this website and I look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community. Our  dedicated team ensures an environment fostering curiosity, growth, and lifelong learning. Welcome aboard!”

Mr Odekunle Abdul Wasiu


Why us?

Redefining early child care education

At Albayyan Schools ilogbo , we redefine education through passionate teaching, personalized learning, and a commitment to excellence. We cultivate an environment where students thrive academically, creatively, and socially, preparing them for a successful future.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a challenging academic programme in an Islamic and serene environment, preparing students for post-primary school education

Our Vision

Our vision is to instill more Islamic, moral and lofty values in our students which makes them succeed well in this life and the hereafter.

Qualified Teachers

We have been educating children for over fifteen years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

Learning & Fun

We have been educating children for over fifteen years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.


Kind words from our parents.

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Our teaching staffs

Meet Our Exceptional School Staff- dedicated, professional and passionate. They tirelessly cultivate knowledge, exhibit unwavering professionalism and inspire students to reach new heights. A team devoted to excellence

Mr Odekunle


Mrs Odekunle


Mr Bello

Senior School Teacher

Mrs Sanusi

Junior School Teacher

Mrs Ogudu

Primary SchoolTeacher

Mrs Adu

Kindergarten Teacher

Join our upcoming events

Academic and Extra Curricular Programs and events that encourage kids to be themselves

23 Dec

Visit to Nigeria National Museum

10:00 AM - 02:00 PM
At Museum

"Embarking on a cultural journey with Albayyan School at the Nigeria National Museum. Connecting with our heritage and enriching minds. 🏛️🌍 #AlbayyanExploresNigeria"

20 Aug

End of Year Session

09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
At Open Field

"Cheers to a year of growth, laughter, and success! Albayyan School celebrates achievements and embraces future brilliance. #AlbayyanPride 🌟🎓"

6 Aug

Albayyan Schools Ilogbo 10th Year Anniversary

09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
At Open Field

"A decade of excellence, Albayyan School marks 10 years of inspiring minds, fostering dreams, and shaping a brighter tomorrow. #AlbayyanDecade 🎉📚"


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